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11 days of the Israel-Gaza conflict - in NUMBERS!

Updated: May 25, 2021

❗️11 days of the Israel-Gaza conflict - in NUMBERS!

2 - No reports of rocket fire from either side since 02:00, with the ceasefire seemingly holding.

5 - banks, 10 govt offices & 11 ministry branches targeted by the IDF

9 - High-rise buildings razed by IDF in Gaza... among them, that media building housing AP & Al-Jazeera that drew condemnation.

12 - People were killed in Israel during the rocket barrages sent from Gaza.

90 - % of the 4,000 rockets fired at Israel were intercepted by the Iron Dome (IDF)

100 - Kilometers of Hamas tunnels bombed in 'Operation Guardian of the Walls' by the Israeli military

225 - 'Terror group members' taken out by the IDF, it claims 25 were senior commanders

232 - This is where the numbers are disputed, with the Palestinian side saying 232 people died, 1,900 wounded. 66 of the dead were children.

❌The cost of war! Israeli businesses lose 1.2BN shekels ($368MN) in 11 days of Gaza conflict (Report)

The majority of the loss was attributed to employees choosing to STAY AT HOME - as Hamas launched barrage after barrage of rockets from Palestine, according to The Manufacturers’ Association of Israel.

⚡️The association said some 50 Israeli factories suffered millions of shekels in direct damage from rocket shrapnel, but they could not put a figure on indirect damage, such as cancelled orders.

⚡️Heavy Israeli bombardment caused massive destruction in the Gaza Strip – Hamas media office has estimated industrial facilities suffered $40MN in damages while the energy sector endured $22MN.

⚡️The Israeli govt has yet to publish its damage estimate for the hostilities.

❌In conclusion this war is over for now, no winner just death and destruction on both sides.

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