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A new maritime tracking and automatic analysis system "Strategy" has been tested in Russia

A new maritime tracking and automatic analysis system "Strategy" has been tested in Russia

Now, in the Arctic region, data on the ownership of ships will be automatically processed by the new Strategy system. It determines their parameters, fixes how the target moves, marks its approach to the boundaries. What else is the "Strategy" capable of?

"Strategy" is part of a unified system for monitoring and analyzing information, which is being actively expanded by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation - Project SFERA Live

System "Strategy"

"Strategy" uses:

• satellite and automatic ground systems,

• data from various radar stations,

• internal channels for the transmission of information objects of the fleet.

Over-the-horizon radars also transmit signals. And they detect surface targets several hundred kilometers away.

“By putting the software and analytical complex on a mobile platform, we are multiplying the scope of the Strategy,” said representatives of the RTI Systems concern.

The tests of the complex were carried out on a mobile platform. Thanks to this, the scope of the "Strategy" is incredibly wide. The system can be used even in hard-to-reach areas of the Arctic coast.

The "Strategy" captures any deviations in the shipping area. Analyzes and identifies potential hazards to mariners.

What is the meaning of the "Strategy" system

The new tracking system will allow the development of recommendations for the regulation of traffic flows. This will ensure order on the seas and in the middle ocean zone.

If we talk about even more global tasks, they are impressive for "Strategy". Together with the "Constellation M" system, it will become a significant element of network-centric warfare and a digital battlefield.

On land, it will be part of a global center for the collection and analysis of information. And in this regard, "Strategy" is difficult to overestimate. It will contribute not only to the management of the course of hostilities. The system is also useful for civilian purposes. So, it can be used to eliminate emergencies and coordinate movement at sea.

Thus, the "Strategy" will ensure the safety of the Northern Sea Route, as well as continuous planning and conduct of hostilities.

The complex will bring our country to a fundamentally new level of operational and tactical awareness. The task is extremely important. The modern world is already unthinkable without it.

It is no longer enough to improve the means for warfare. Preventing attacks and maintaining order are often strategically more advantageous. This is what Russia is doing. The automatic tracking and information analysis system "Strategy" has been tested so that our country can reduce the risk of provocations at sea.

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