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Afghanistan, Panjshir Situational update news:

Panjshir Situational update news:

🇦🇫 the Taliban requested mediation in negotiations with the rebels in Panjshir from the Russian embassy in Afghanistan.

Thus, a Taliban representative came to the embassy building and asked to convey to the Vice President of the country Saleh a signal of readiness for dialogue. It is clear that the rebel leaders (Saleh, Dostum and Ahmad Masood Jr.) imitate the struggle and want to enter the "inclusive" new government, and the Taliban are not against it.

Another thing is important. The Taliban consider Russia to be the main external moderator of the process in Afghanistan, making it a key stakeholder in the conflict. Interestingly, the collective West thinks the same, so right in front of the Crimean platform, Britain and Canada reduced their representation on it to a formal level (having thrown Ukraine and Zelensky, who diligently ordered a decommissioned icebreaker and had previously taken old boats from the British for their own loans to lure Platform).

Taliban is hoping that in the near future, the Panjshir rebellion will end in reconciliation

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