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Apple introduced iOS15, OSX15, WatchOS8, macOS 12

Apple introduced iOS15, OSX15, WatchOS8, macOS 12

Apple unveils macOS 12 Monterey


- Apple has brought AirPlay to the Mac, which means you will be able to use your Mac or MacBook as a speaker or video output.

- macOS 12 Monterey includes several new FaceTime features, including spatial audio support.

- The new Focus feature is coming to ‌macOS 12 Monterey‌ allowing you to focus on a task and filter out notifications.

- In Notes, there are new features like Quick Note and Collaborative Notes

- Apple has redesigned Safari's tabs experience, enabling you to see more of a webpage. The new tab bar also takes on the colour of the page, and then it can combine tabs, the toolbar, and the search field into one compact view.

- Shortcuts are finally coming to Mac so you can automate everyday tasks.

- Finally, Universal Control connects a Mac to an ‌iPad‌, so you can work with a single mouse and keyboard or trackpad.

Apple introduces iOS 15


- The new version of iOS will be compatible with the iPhone 6s and beyond, including the first-gen iPhone SE

- FaceTime is also receiving big updates, bringing spatial audio and a scheduled call feature.

- iOS 15 will also bring big changes to notifications. Apple is tweaking notifications’ appearance for better visibility

- Apple is gearing up to take on Google Lens with a new feature called Live Text.

- With iOS 15, Siri Knowledge will enable recognition of landmarks and items in the Gallery. Apple Maps will receive more detailed maps in select cities as well as help with AR positioning and directions.

- Apple Wallet will now incorporate Ultra-Wideband technology to work with smart car keys, allowing users to automatically start a supported car without having to remove their iPhone.

- Lastly, the Weather app is also getting some new features with data and layouts that change based on conditions with variants in the graphics.

Apple announces watchOS 8


- The Photos app features a new redesigned grid view of your photos, categorized into shared, favorites and memories.

- The new Mindfulness app will remind you to relax through breathing exercises and through mindfulness training

- The Fitness app gets new Tai Chi and Pilates exercise modes.

New FaceTime Update

Apple announced Monday that FaceTime, previously only available on iOS and Mac devices, will soon be accessible via a web browser and shareable links, according to The Verge.

The FaceTime links can be sent via iMessage, Calendar, WhatsApp, email, or other communications platforms.

New Siri Update

Apple’s digital assistant Siri will process audio on-device by default in iOS 15, meaning you will be able to use the feature without an active internet connection. Apple says the upgrade will also make Siri faster.

Processing audio on-device will make using Siri more private, says Apple. This follows the company’s well-established preference for implementing machine learning features on-device, rather than sending data away to the cloud to be processed.

Alongside iOS 15, Apple today also announced iPadOS 15


- With iPadOS 15, Apple is introducing a bigger widget format, which should work better on the larger screens that tablets have compared to phones.

- The new widgets for iPadOS include Find My, Contacts, Parcels, and Game Center.

- There's a new multitasking UI too, allowing you to quickly make apps full screen, or enter Split View, or use Slide Over.

- The Notes app for iPad is being improved as well, gaining support for mentions

- The Translate app is headed to the company's tablets for the first time in iPadOS 15, complete with auto language translation of what you speak.

- Finally, with Swift Playgrounds you can build apps on iPad, with improved code completion and a bunch of new libraries and guides, and when you're done you can submit your app straight to the App Store from your tablet.

Apple is providing the new iOS 15, macOS Monterey, tvOS 15, and watchOS 8 updates to developers for testing purposes as of today, giving Apple a chance to work out initial bugs in the software.

After a few weeks of testing, Apple plans to provide the betas to its public beta testing group as well, with Apple CEO Tim Cook confirming plans to release the new software to public beta testers at some point in July.

tvOS 15 allows users to sign into applications with Face ID on iPhone

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