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Azeri prisoners of war video turned out to be old(WARRAGEX)

On December 19 the Azerbaijan social media channels (Telegram,Facebook,Twitter) released a video of “new Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 “ Prisoners of war being hit and tortured by Armenian/Artsakh army.

After studying and analyzing the video project “Ragex”/“War Rage” has found that this video is old and was shot du the first Days of the war. The weather and the Armenian army clothes where not yet ready for a war. Example “one of the Armenians” is in slippers. Picture below:

After analyzing the video and the faces of the Prisoners of war, we found out that these “POW” have already been released and are in Azerbaijan now.

Pictures of the POW:

The Armenian /Azerbaijan war could have been over as in shooting and killing but the propaganda machine is still more than active.

The video of the Azerbaijani prisoners of war :

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