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British typhoons choose large monitors

🇬🇧 British typhoons choose large monitors

At the air show in Helsinki, British Aerospace again showed displays for the PE3c package upgrade of the Eurofighter Typhoon fighters.

The UK officially announced a £ 135m contract last week. The Typhoon PE3c Upgrade Package aims to improve weaponry, defenses and data transfer capabilities. The most notable feature of this upgrade is the Large-area display (LAD) developed by BAE Systems.

The PE3C package is for the UK, but is part of Eurofighter's broader € 300 million investment in a fighter jet.

LAD is currently under development, which is considered "very mature, going through several development cycles and optimized based on customer feedback." The display will allow full use of the capabilities of the new multifunctional radar with AFAR and the Litening V ISR module.

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