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British Unmanned self-propelled guns

British Unmanned self-propelled guns.

Britain plans to replace the 105mm L118 howitzer. The concept of an unmanned self-propelled gun called the Lightweight Fires Platform (LFP) includes a cannon and on-board ammunition stowage on top of the chassis, as well as something like an automatic loader (highlighted in red).

Specifications :

Lightweight Fires Platform (LFP) Technical Demonstrator

■ 3 Year Pre-concept study to support the development of a replacement for the L118 Light Gun

■ Unmanned, autonomous and self propelled concepts are being considered for technology development

■ The study is investigating and evaluating multiple calibres and advanced projectile solutions to

❌Increase range

❌Improve end effect

❌Improve accuracy

❌Improve tactical / strategic mobility

❌Reduce crew numbers

▪ LFP TDP will support the wider program

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