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Challenger 3 - the British Army's new main battle tank is coming

A major upgrade of the British Army’s main battle tank featuring extra firepower and cutting-edge protection systems will ensure the UK remains at the forefront of tank design, poised to respond to future global threats and challenges.

148 Challenger 3 battle tanks will be purchased for the British military.

The total amount of the contract, announced by the country's defense minister, will amount to £ 800 million.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace presented the Challenger 3 battle tank purchase program, calling them the deadliest in Europe.

As part of the cycle of fire tests of the British Challenger 3 battle tank, which the army is preparing to purchase, firing was carried out, where the target was "acted" by the Soviet (Russian) T-72 tank (00:33).


The overhaul will include:

  • a new 120mm smoothbore gun which uses the most advanced globally available ammunition

  • a new suite of sights providing tank commanders with enhanced day and night targeting abilities

  • new modular armour

  • an active protection system

  • a turret that can be fitted to the tanks of allies and global partners

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