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China plans to release over 200 AHL helicopters by 2040

In total, the Russian Federation and the PRC plan to release over 200 AHL helicopters by 2040. The materials of the State Corporation "Rostec" indicate that the take-off weight of the vehicle will be about 38 tons, the maximum commercial load inside the cabin is 10 tons, and 15 tons of cargo can be transported on the external sling.

China intends to create a helicopter with a carrying capacity of about 12-14 tons, that is, an intermediate version between the middle and heavy class. This is a machine for the Chinese market. The Russian one does not need it, since our universal helicopters of the Mi-17 family cover all the necessary needs, and the modernized Mi-26 is used for super-heavy cargo.

Chinese enterprises, in turn, will provide the helicopter with avionics and improved materials. The AHL design agreement was signed in May 2015 by AVIC and Russian Helicopters.

The maximum carrying capacity of the new vehicle should be from 10 tons (inside the fuselage) to 15 tons (on the external sling).

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