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🇪🇬⚡️🇪🇹Egypt warns of Ethiopian intransigence in the Renaissance Dam crisis

🇪🇬⚡️🇪🇹Egypt warns of Ethiopian intransigence in the Renaissance Dam crisis

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry confirmed that Egypt has sought during the last decade to reach an agreement on the rules of filling and operation on the Renaissance Dam, explaining during a press conference with the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg that Egypt and Sudan made concessions on the issue of the Renaissance Dam to reach an agreement, but the Ethiopian side is retracting and not He has the political will to reach an agreement.

He pointed out that Ethiopia has retracted the signing of what was reached during the Washington meetings on the Renaissance Dam, stressing that the continued Ethiopian intransigence threatens to escalate tension in East Africa and the Horn of Africa.

Shoukry noted that his visit to Doha comes at the invitation of his Qatari counterpart after the signing of the Al-Ula agreement, stressing that relations with Egypt and the Arabs are special, noting that his meeting with the Emir of Qatar was positive, and we hope that relations will return as they were in the past.


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