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Ethiopian Air Force loses three planes in one day

🇪🇹Ethiopian Air Force loses three planes in one day

Today, the Ethiopian Air Force lost a C-130 Hercules military transport plane over the breakaway region of Tigray, out of 3 aircraft it owned, one of which crashed a short time ago, leaving it with only one of this type.

He also lost a MiG-23 fighter out of the 10 fighters he owned, two fighters were shot down some time ago, and a third was shot down today, leaving 7 fighters of the same model.

As for the Mi-35 helicopters, out of the 8 helicopters he owned, one was shot down a few weeks ago, and another was shot down today, so there are still 6 helicopters of the same model.

It is noteworthy that satellite images showed the presence of the “S-125” air defense missile system of the Tigray People’s Liberation Forces, 10 km north of Alula Aba Nega Airport in the capital of Tigray Mekele region in Ethiopia, in addition to the mobile radar “36D6”.

With this military equipment, the Tigray People's Liberation Forces will be able to shoot down the planes of the Ethiopian Air Force, as happened today.

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