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EXTRAORDINARY SCENES in Henan, China – (Must Watch)

⚡️EXTRAORDINARY SCENES in Henan, China – after the province recorded the highest single-day rainfall on record, bursting the banks of major rivers, leaving subway passengers trapped WAIST-HIGH as floodwaters wreak havoc!

Chinese Floodwater Chaos: A dozen cities in Henan province under water after record rainfall causes riverbanks to burst (Watch!)

Dramatic unverified footage appearing on Chinese social media on Tuesday shows subway passengers TRAPPED CHEST-DEEP in water and whole city streets submerged in the Henan province.

Heavy rain has POUNDED the region and wreaked havoc since the weekend, so far there have been no reports of casualties or deaths.

More than 200mm of rain fell in 1-hour on Tuesday, causing the banks of the Yellow River to burst – a record amount of rainfall for the area.

More China flood footage: People SWALLOWED by a SINKHOLE!

Unverified footage on social media shows the shocking moment when people sitting next to a sinkhole fall beneath the ground as the hole expands unexpectedly.

People’s Liberation Army units have been deployed to fight the consequences as flash floods cause chaos in Henan province.

There were no official reports of deaths or injuries so far.

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