F-35 to Poland

Updated: Jun 2

🇺🇸🤝🇵🇱 The United States begins to implement a contract for the supply of F-35s to Poland

On May 28, the US Department of Defense announced the signing of an agreement with Lockheed Martin as part of a program to support the production of the F-35A Lightning II multipurpose combat aircraft for the Polish Air Force. The cost of the May contract is $ 24.3 million. In accordance with it, Lockheed specialists will carry out engineering and logistics work, as well as support the program for the construction and delivery of aircraft ordered by Poland. The entire project is due to be completed by April 2024 with the main site being Fort Worth, where the F-35 Lightning II final assembly line is located. This is the first contract covering work on the production of aircraft of this type for the Polish Air Force. The first fighters are to be delivered within the 16 production batch.


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