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🇺🇦☢️ Fascinating flights over Chernobyl

🇺🇦☢️ Fascinating flights over Chernobyl

The Ukrainian airline Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) decided to keep up with world trends and “at the numerous requests of our beloved passengers” also decided to offer a picturesque “flight to nowhere”. Unique of its kind, it will be held at low altitude over Kiev and over the site of the infamous Chernobyl disaster.

Tickets for the first flight on March 7 were sold out almost immediately after the announcement. This prompted UIA to offer a second second flight on March 13.

The uniqueness of the flight lies not only in the fact that it will pass, as the airline promises, at an altitude of only 900 meters, but also in the route: along the Dnieper River “along the route towards the mysterious Chernobyl”.

However, it is reported that the flight will only last about 10 minutes. The shortness of the flight is compensated by the entertainment program. A ticket price of about $ 95 includes the following:

• Excursion on the UIA Boeing 777 on the apron of the Kiev Borispol airport;

• Ability to take pictures in the cockpit;

• Ability to take a selfie with the pilot;

• Drawing of souvenirs and gifts.

Without any jest, the opportunity to see Kiev and Chernobyl from a height of only 900 meters is a very unique opportunity. The main thing is that the weather does not disappoint

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