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FN EVOLYS - Fabrique Nationale presents the 5.56x45 and 7.62x51 ultra-light machine gun

Fabrique Nationale (FN), the world's renowned manufacturer of military and civilian weapons based in Herstal, Belgium, presents the EVOLYS, the latest generation of state-of-the-art machine gun. The weight of the new model has been reduced by 30 percent compared to current machine guns, so in standard NATO calibers 5.55x45 mm and 7.62x51 mm, it weighs only 5.5 kg and 6.2 kg, respectively.

As you know, a recognized manufacturer with more than 130 years of history has long set standards in the production of machine guns. FN weapon systems such as MAG or Minimi are in service all over the planet. The brand new EVOLYS is based on the vast experience of the manufacturer and its characteristic folding stock is somewhat reminiscent of the FN SCAR family of assault rifles. The new model is said to combine the firepower of a belt machine gun, light weight and the handling characteristics of an assault rifle, which is a significant advantage when engaging in asymmetric conflicts, when deploying foreign troops, and in modern military tactics. After all, a soldier who can move more dynamically in any terrain thanks to lighter gear is significantly more efficient. The FN EVOLYS, with a theoretical rate of fire of 750 rounds per minute, is based on a short-stroke gas mechanism with a short-stroke piston and a multi-stage butterfly valve. The patented cartridge feeding system automatically moves cartridges when the feed cover is closed and the ribbon is not properly positioned on the feed tray. This avoids a misfeed of the first cartridge. The last link of the ammunition belt is automatically ejected to clear the way for fast and reliable reloading.

Low noise shooting

Naturally, the use of a shot noise modifier was considered from the very beginning when developing the FN EVOLYS and was extensively tested in practice. The MG has been consistently designed to be operated with both hands, and the fire selector has a semi-automatic position, allowing single fire to hit single targets. The length-adjustable buttstock with a height-adjustable cheek rest allows you to individually adjust it depending on body size, equipment, shooting / aiming position. The monolithic receiver with integrated one-piece aluminum hand guard is designed for maximum durability and allows multiple mounts of optics and accessories (zoom modules, night vision / thermal optics). The hydraulic buffer absorbs significant recoil, providing the best conditions for controlled single and continuous fire. Of course, the new FN EVOLYS is slated to be showcased at the DSEI international security exhibition in London, UK on September 14-17 this year.


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