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Forgiveness and Redemption: The Story of Pope John Paul II and Mehmet Ali Agca


The assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II by Mehmet Ali Agca on May 13, 1981, remains a significant event in contemporary history. This episode is not just a story of violence but a profound narrative of forgiveness, redemption, and transformation.

The Attack:

On that fateful Wednesday in St. Peter's Square, Vatican City, Agca, a Turkish national, shot Pope John Paul II four times in the abdomen during a parade. The Pope was critically wounded, and the world watched in shock and sorrow as he was rushed to the hospital.

The Recovery and Forgiveness:

Miraculously, the Pope recovered from the attack. In a gesture that resonated globally, he publicly forgave Agca, urging others to pray for his attacker, whom he referred to as his "brother." This act of forgiveness set the stage for an extraordinary relationship between the two men.

The Meeting:

In a highly symbolic meeting, Pope John Paul II visited Agca in his prison cell. They spoke privately for 21 minutes, beginning with the simple question, "Do you speak Italian?" The conversation's details remain private, but it culminated in the Pope giving Agca a silver and mother-of-pearl rosary, symbolizing forgiveness and reconciliation.

The Pardon:

In 2000, upon the Pope's request, President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi pardoned Agca. This act demonstrated not only the Pope's personal forgiveness but also a broader message of mercy and redemption within the Christian faith.

Conversion and Tribute:

While in prison in 2007, Agca converted to Christianity, a transformative step in his spiritual journey. In 2014, he left flowers on Pope John Paul II's tomb, a touching tribute to the man who had forgiven him and played a role in his spiritual transformation.


The story of Pope John Paul II and Mehmet Ali Agca transcends the tragic event of the assassination attempt. It illustrates the power of forgiveness and the human capacity for change and redemption. The Pope's extraordinary act of mercy towards his attacker serves as a timeless lesson in compassion, understanding, and the possibilities of personal transformation.


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