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Haiti’s president assassinated by ‘foreign hit squad’-(footage)

Haiti’s president assassinated by ‘foreign hit squad’ of ex-Colombian military & Haitian-Americans, 11 arrested inside ‘Taiwan embassy’

In Haiti, operations continue to arrest the participants in the assassination of the president. Among the suspects arrested are two Haitian Americans - James Solage and Joseph Vincent.

“They said they were translators. The goal of the mercenaries was to arrest President Moise on a warrant from a judge, not kill him, ”said Judge Clement Noel, referring to the testimony of the Americans. It is not explained which order the detainees had in mind. According to Solage, he arrived in Haiti a month ago, the others three months ago. The judge also told about the results of the search of cars belonging to the alleged participants in the murder, in addition to weapons and cash, a server of a video surveillance camera installed in Moiz's house and a checkbook of his wife were found.

In total, 17 suspects were detained, seven more were eliminated during police operations.

Haiti’s national police force has claimed that 2 Americans and 26 Colombians were responsible for the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, while Taiwan confirmed that 11 arrests were made at its diplomatic compound.

The US State Department told Reuters it could not confirm whether American citizens had been arrested, but said it is in contact with Haitian officials to determine next steps. The island’s elections minister Mathias Pierre identified the two Haitian-Americans as James Solages, 35, and Joseph Vincent, 55.

Two persons detained by the Haitian authorities on suspicion of killing the president of the republic have dual citizenship of the United States and Haiti, and six, and Bogotá has officially confirmed this, are former members of the Colombian army.

According to local authorities, the detained "Americans" allegedly claim that the purpose of the operation was to arrest the president on the order of some investigating judge.

Another point is interesting. The Haitian authorities are publishing photographs of weapons allegedly seized from the mercenaries, which they used during the attack on the residence of the President of the country.

At the same time, these photos were published back in 2019, when a cell was revealed in Port-au-Prince that was preparing a coup.

Meanwhile UNREST in Port-au-Prince, protesters in the streets - while heavily armed police carried out an operation and exchanged fire with the gunmen suspected of carrying out Wednesday's assassination of President Jovenel.

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