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❌ An interview given by ex-commander of the Karabakh Defense Army Jalal Harutyunyan

❌ Former Commander of the Artsakh Defense Army, Lieutenant General Jalal Harutyunyan was appointed Chief of the Military Control Service of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia

❌This information was confirmed to by the head of the information and public relations department of the Armenian Defense Ministry Gevorg Altunyan.

❌Ex-Commander of the Karabakh Defense Army Jalal Harutyunyan gave an interview for the first time after a 44-day war and his injury And here's the most important thing.

❌We do not know whether this is connected with the new position or how, but the ex-commander does not consider his injury during the war to be the result of his betrayal, since the enemy was actively trying to hunt him down and strike before that.

❌The general was discharged from the hospital on December 4, after which he continues to be under the supervision of doctors, in the coming days he will fully return to service

“The forces were too unequal from the very first day of the war.

❌The general does not participate in political games, does not support any party.

Answering the question whether he had disagreements with the military-political leadership of Armenia, Harutyunyan added that all the problems that arise were raised by him in a timely manner, and he was never silent. But there were no tense situations, since at that moment the external enemy was the main problem.

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