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Kim Jong-un bans suicide in North Korea calling it 'treason against socialism'

Despite the veiled nature of North Korea’s internal affairs, it’s been revealed that the nation is facing a sharp escalation in suicide rates. As reported by WION, South Korea’s National Intelligence Service posits a distressing surge of 40% in suicides from the previous year.

The country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, condemns suicide as an “act of rebellion against socialism,” according to a recent directive cited by Radio Free Asia. In an unprecedented move, he asserts that local governing bodies will shoulder joint accountability for any suicides within their jurisdiction.

This confidential decree was brought to light in a succession of emergency meetings conducted across North Korean provinces. A source, who wished to remain unnamed for safety reasons, from North Hamgyong province disclosed the discussion of alarming suicide statistics and multiple instances of entire families choosing to end their lives. These meetings reportedly left attendees profoundly shaken, especially upon the revelation of suicide notes voicing critique against the country and its societal structure.

Another source, from Ryanggang province, disclosed to Radio Free Asia that suicides, rather than starvation, now pose the most significant challenge to the community. Despite the implementation of a suicide-prevention policy ratified by the General Secretary, no immediate solution appears feasible. “The root causes, extreme poverty and starvation, are so pervasive that it’s impossible to immediately propose a countermeasure,” the source stated.

The meetings delved further into vivid descriptions of suicide cases, unearthing more distressing instances of family suicides. The World Health Organization data from 2019 positions North Korea as the 45th highest globally in suicide rates, with 8.2 suicides per 100,000 people.

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