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🌍Major websites down

⚡🌍Major news websites down

⚡️Several major websites including news websites, social media platforms, payment providers and even U.K. government domains were knocked offline on Tuesday morning following an outage at a content distribution network Fastly, in what is the latest instance of a large swathe of the internet being affected due problems at a single platform.

⚡️Major news websites including Guardian, FT, CNN, Le Monde appear to be down

⚡️Users are reporting problems with several services at same time - Twitch, Reddit, Stackoverflow, GitHub, Spotify and more appear to have gone offline.

⚡️DETAILS: Reddit, Spotify, Twitch, and news outlets the Guardian, BBC, Financial Times have been experiencing outages.

Countless popular websites are experiencing problems WORLDWIDE, typically prompted by glitches at vital internet infrastructure service providers.

An apparent glitch at Fastly, a popular CDN provider, is thought to be the reason, according to a product manager at Financial Times.

⚡️The UK government website, - is down as well.

❌Forbes website also reported down

❌Cloud service company Fastly says issue has been identified & fix being implemented - as an outage takes down large swathes of the Internet including major news and entertainment websites, including CNN, Twitch and Reddit.

❌Fastly said: "The issue has been identified and a fix has been applied. Customers may experience increased origin load as global services return." A number of sites that were hit early appeared to be coming back online.


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