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Military transport aircraft C-130H crashed in the Philippines.

🇵🇭Military transport aircraft C-130H crashed in the Philippines.

🇵🇭 It is reported that on July 4 in the Philippines, when landing at the airport of Patikul on the island of Sulu, a Lockheed C-130H Hercules military transport aircraft (tail number 5125) from the 222nd transport squadron of the 220th transport wing of the Philippine Air Force was reported to have crashed. The aircraft transported 85 servicemen from Cagayan de Oro (460 km), together with the crew there were 92 people on board.

29 Bodies Recovered From Philippines Army Plane Crash Site, Military Commander Says


Earlier, a Philippine military plane with at least 85 people on board crashed in the south of the county.

The death toll in Sunday's plane crash of a Philippine military plane in the southwest of the country rose to 45, CNN Philippines broadcaster reported citing the country's defense ministry. Out of these 45, 42 died on board of the plane, and three more on the ground. The rescue operation continues, and 42 people were found alive. This board was received by the Philippines from the US Air Force storage only in January (US military number 87-9284, was built in 1988).

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