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New Armenian-made kamikaze drone

New Armenian-made kamikaze drone, which was presented by the private company Pride Systems at the IDEX-2021 international military-industrial exhibition in Abu Dhabi

Performance characteristics and details about the UAV:

▫️Can be assembled and ready for a mission in seconds

▫️ Operated by one operator via tablet

▫️Has fixed wings and variable sweep wings

▫️Can be armed with high-explosive / high-explosive fragmentation anti-tank shells

▫️Can deliver high-precision strikes against stationary and mobile ground targets

▫️Can automatically detect and lock targets

▫️Operator can select and direct the drone to designated targets (Man-In-The-Loop)

▫️Can make decisions about attacking targets

▫️ Cruising speed: 150 km / h; loitering speed: 80 km / h: maximum speed: 200 km / h

▫️Attack can be performed at any angle - from horizontal to vertical

▫️UV weight: 5 kg

▫️ Range: up to 80 km

▫️ Autonomy: up to 1 hour

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