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Spot the DIFFERENCE! BBC MOCKED for spending ‘tens of thousands’ on new logo…. that looks virtually the same (Report)

New BBC logo image(One is old one is new)

Despite the changes to the iconic BBC blocks being miniscule, the Beeb has apparently SPLASHED out ‘tens of thousands’ of pounds of taxpayers’ money to design the “new” logo, insiders told The Sun.

The trio of blocks are now slightly further apart, and use a different, smaller font – bespoke BBC Reith, named after the corporation’s founder John Reith. By using their own typeface the broadcaster will no longer need to pay licensing fees currently required for the Gill Sans design.

The move was blasted online: “How many pensioners Licenses could have been paid for instead? Hang your head in shame!” wrote one user, another called the change “an absolute joke.”

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