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New Chinese Military (Shark Drone)

New Chinese Shark drones

New photos of the Chinese reconnaissance underwater shark drone, which was first shown in 2019 at the 5th Beijing International Defense Technology Exhibition. The bionic wireless underwater drone is equipped with high-resolution automatic balancing cameras, obstacle avoidance function and the ability to return to base on its own. Optional installation of additional military equipment is possible. The maximum diving depth is up to 150 meters.

CHINA is building a "Robo-Shark" drone powered by a bionic tailfin to spy on enemy ships and hunt US Navy submarines.

The underwater robot looks like a small shark and its fin has been specially built to replace the traditional propeller. The drone features low noise, long endurance, and high flexibility.

Most underwater drones can be fired out of a submarine's torpedo tube, but how the Robo-Shark will be launched is yet to be revealed.

It can conduct underwater close-in reconnaissance, search and rescue, battlefield surveillance, anti-submarine, hydrological survey, communications relay and underwater tracking missions, the Global Times report.

And since its main source of power is the bionic tailfin, the drone can achieve a top speed of six knots.

The Robo-Shark, developed by Beijing-based Boya Gongdao Robot Technology, is currently on a project with the Chinese military.

It was presented at the 7th China Military Intelligent Technology Expo on Monday.

The expo showcased several different drones including target drones that were used in real combat as decoys and vertical takeoff and landing drones for reconnaissance and patrol missions.

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