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New Iranian modernized weapons to the IRGC

🇮🇷 Today in Iran, another ceremony of transferring new and modernized equipment to the ground forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps took place. The Iranian media have just started uploading the first photos and videos, among which a ground-based version of the new Iranian ATGM with the Almaz ATGM (Almaz \ Almas) flashed. Earlier, these missiles were put into service as part of the Iranian reconnaissance and strike UAV weapons complex, but rumors that a ground-based portable ATGM with a version of this ATGM was also being tested, and now it was finally shown when handing over to the troops.

🇮🇷 At the same ceremony, the AH-1J attack helicopter of the IRGC ground forces aviation, modernized in Iran under the Toufan-2 project, with the new Iranian guided missiles Ghaem-114, which has recently begun to enter service.

🇮🇷 The IRGC ground forces are also receiving these new Iranian missile systems with unknown missiles in round transport and launch containers. Apparently, this is a new missile system on the very shaky border between large-caliber MLRS with guided missiles and operational-tactical missile systems.

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