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Nikol Pashinyan addressed the people

⚡🇦🇲Nikol Pashinyan addressed the people:

- denied information that on the third day of the war he stopped mobilization.

“We have searched and continue to search for this solution and cannot find it in any way. Time is such, you can tell any lie and go further.

- We lost the war, among other things, due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of the elite, who are now politically active, have done nothing but personal enrichment over the past 20 years

- there is a version that the purpose of the attack on government buildings after the signing of the trilateral statement was the physical destruction of government members

- There is progress in the exchange of prisoners of war and civilians. A little more patience and there will be concrete results

- After November 9, we managed to remove from the battlefield about 600 bodies of the dead. The process of identifying bodies is in progress. Unfortunately, a large number of bodies are very difficult to identify and identify. These are most likely the bodies of the missing military

- Please do not sow panic over the process of establishing new boundaries. We are dealing with this issue. We need to make sure that there is a border, not a new line of defense

- The purpose of our activity is not that we stay in power, but that the people have power. The 2018 elections were the only ones whose results were not challenged by any political force. But certain forces are now doing everything to ensure that those elections remain the only honest expression of the will of our people. We will not allow it

❗ answered Robert Kocharyan:

- If you have built such good relations with Russia, how did it happen that the issue of Artsakh's status was actually removed from the agenda at the suggestion of our strategic ally?

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