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Norway Bolsters Defense Aid with 1,000 Units of Black Hornet Drone Technology

Ukraine has expressed significant satisfaction with the prior deliveries of Norwegian-manufactured reconnaissance drones, developed in a collaborative effort between the Norwegian Defense Forces and the Defense Research Institute. The drone, known as the Black Hornet, is produced in Norway. We are now bolstering Ukraine's resources with an additional supply of 1,000 drone sets, states Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram (Sp).

Ukrainian officials have sought the donation of this specific equipment to aid their efforts in countering the Russian incursion.

"The globally-recognized drone from Teledyne FLIR, a product of Norwegian innovation, is a market leader in the field," says Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram. This drone is already operational in numerous allied nations, including the United States and Great Britain, and is primarily used for reconnaissance and target identification. Its ease of operation, robust performance under varying conditions, low detectability, and particular suitability for urban warfare makes it an excellent choice.

The Defense Minister emphasizes the necessity of close collaboration with the defense industry to ensure sustained deliveries of necessary military materials to Ukraine, further modernizing and enhancing their efficiency.

"The Black Hornet drone illustrates the value of fostering strong partnerships between governing bodies, research institutions, and industry," adds Gram.

Defined as small drones weighing under 50 grams, military nanodrones like the Black Hornet, which weighs in at 32 grams, have seen widespread use. Since its inception in 2007, more than 14,000 Black Hornet drones in various iterations have been distributed to over 40 global customers, with the USA being the largest customer. Norway has utilized the Black Hornet since 2015, and its adoption across the Army's departments has been extensive.


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