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Overview the weapons of the New Russian Fighter “checkmate” Su-75 fighter

🇷🇺 The new lightweight fighter is capable of carrying up to five air-to-air missiles of various ranges

Overview of the Su-75 armament.

1. KAB-250LG-E

Effective against lightly armored vehicles, ammunition depots, bridges, military industrial facilities.

Provides destruction of stationary ground and surface targets such as vulnerable equipment, railway junctions, military-industrial facilities, ships and trans

port vessels, ammunition depots, airfield facilities.

It is used singly and in salvo from aircraft equipped with laser illumination systems, as well as with external target illumination.

A laser homing head is used.

The warhead is high-explosive fragmentation, the fuse is contact with three types of deceleration.

2. Rocket Thunder-E1.

High-precision engagement of a wide range of ground and surface targets with known coordinates.

General-purpose aircraft guided missile for engaging a wide range of vulnerable ground targets with known coordinates, as well as surface targets in the coastal strip.

Guidance system - inertial + satellite.

The warhead is high-explosive fragmentation.

3. Kh-38MLE

High-precision selective engagement of a wide range of ground and surface targets.

Aviation modular general-purpose guided missile to engage a wide range of armored, durable, highly vulnerable ground-based single and group targets, as well as surface targets in the coastal zone.

Guidance system - inertial + semi-active laser.

Warhead - high-explosive fragmentation or penetrating type.

🇷🇺 Review of weapons "Check and checkmate".



Highly maneuverable melee aircraft missile.

Possesses high maneuverability due to gas-dynamic rudders.

Guidance system - all-aspect passive infrared homing system (dual-band infrared homing head).

The fuse is a non-contact radar target sensor.


The RVV-SD medium-range air-to-air guided missile is designed to destroy air targets at any time of the day, at all angles, in conditions of electronic warfare, against the background of the earth and water surface, including with multichannel shelling according to the principle of "fired - forgot".

Effective when used against air targets of various types at ranges up to 110 km.

The guidance system is inertial with radio correction in the initial section and active radar homing in the final section of the trajectory.

5.🇷🇺 X-58USHKE

Highly effective long-range missile for destruction of modern air defense automated control system radars, ground-based radars of anti-aircraft missile systems and systems.

The Kh-58UShKE anti-radar missile with a wide-range passive radar homing head and a navigation and automatic control system to destroy ground-based radar stations.

Typical targets for the Kh-58USHKE missile are air defense automatic control radars, as well as modern radars of anti-aircraft missile systems and systems.

Guidance system - strapdown inertial system + wide-range passive radar homing head.

The warhead is high-explosive.

6. Review of weapons "Check and checkmate"


K08BE (UPAB-500B-E)

Guided aerial bomb with inertial-satellite guidance system and high-explosive warhead

The K08BE (UPAB-500B-E) corrected aerial bomb with an inertial-satellite guidance system and a high-explosive warhead is designed to destroy weapons and military equipment, military and civilian infrastructure.

An inertial satellite guidance system is used.

The warhead is high-explosive, the fuse is contact with three types of deceleration.

7. 🇷🇺 Review of weapons "Check and checkmate",


Bomb K029BE (UPAB-1500V) has a caliber of 1500 kg and is designed to destroy protected ground and surface targets. With a total mass of 1525 kg, the warhead weighs 1010 kg (presumably of a penetrating type). Equipped with a smart fuse with three detonation delay modes and uses an inertial-satellite guidance system. The ammunition can glide at a maximum range of 50 km; it is used from heights not exceeding 15 km. Deviation from the point of defeat is not more than 10 meters.

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