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Pashinyan in an interview with the Armenian service of Radio Liberty

Pashinyan in an interview with the Armenian service of Radio Liberty

• Actions taking place in the area of responsibility of the Russian peacekeepers. After the incidents (in Khtsaberd and Khin Taher), peacekeepers appeared there, but the situation did not change. Baku's actions are aimed at withdrawing peacekeepers from Karabakh.

• Azerbaijan has not yet signed a document on the approval of the mandate of the Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh.

According to him, at least as of December 15, Baku has not yet signed this document.

• Pashinyan did not rule out that Azerbaijan is pursuing the goal of achieving the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers and continuing the war.

"But now it is impossible to achieve this," Pashinyan said.

• The situation in Khtsaberd and Khin Taher is very tense. There are units of the Artsakh Defense Army, Russian peacekeepers, Azerbaijani troops and, according to our intelligence, the Turkish military. According to our information, Russian peacekeepers are also surrounded. There is a problem of communication and communication. Peacekeepers also have such problems.

• Khtsaberd and Khin Taher should remain under Armenian control, according to a trilateral statement.

• There should be no Armenian and Azerbaijani troops in the village of Khin Shen, the village should be under the control of Russian peacekeepers, but it will be Armenian.

• In the Syunik region of Armenia, we must delimit the border with Azerbaijan. The road from Goris to Kapan in places goes beyond the new borders of Armenia, and we must ensure the safety of this road.

• The process of the exchange of prisoners, whose identity has already been established, will soon be completed.

• There are circles demanding my resignation. But there are also circles that demand not to resign.

• I will not allow the people to lose their function of electing power.

• We call this an elite riot. The goal is to deprive the people of the opportunity to choose power.

• My fault is that in 2.5 years the issues were not solved in the best way. But this does not mean that I am to blame for what has not been done over the past 20-25 years.

• The forces demanding my resignation also demanded my resignation in December 2019. In fact, nothing has changed for them during this time (I mean the war and the results).

• Extraordinary elections cannot be held only at my request. We must coordinate this with other parties. First of all with the parliamentary opposition.

• Pashinyan proposed opening a criminal case based on the statements of Serzh Sargsyan's son-in-law Mikael Minasyan, who claims that the prime minister received $ 5 billion for the "sale of the territories of Karabakh," and find out if this is true. And also find out who is the traitor.

• Pashinyan on the point of view that after defeat he will not be able to negotiate with Aliyev:

“President of Azerbaijan decides the fate of power in Armenia? Maybe the President of Azerbaijan will say who will be the next candidate for prime minister? Maybe the opposition candidate for prime minister has been agreed with Aliyev? Maybe he will say with whom it will be convenient for him to negotiate?”

• To avoid war would mean to surrender immediately: Pashinyan said that the General Staff had warned about the impossibility of winning the war.

• The surrender of 5 or 7 districts of Karabakh did not mean that there would be no war. The war would have happened anyway. Baku would demand even more concessions. Even peacekeepers would not have helped to avoid war.

• Journalist: The head of the General Staff told you that after the 4th day of the war, the war must be stopped. You say that we fought for 44 days, that is, until the last possibility of waging a war. Don't you see anything strange in this?

Pashinyan: No

• Journalist : You knew that we would lose,

Pashinyan reported to you about this : I did not know

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