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Police revealed the identity of the young man suspected of killing five people in Plymouth

Police revealed the identity of the young man suspected of killing five people, including a girl, before shooting himself, Thursday, in the city of Plymouth, southwest England, in the worst shooting in the United Kingdom in more than ten years.

The first elements of the investigation showed that Jake Davison, 22, is suspected of killing with a weapon described by witnesses as a rifle, a woman from his family, before he went out into the street, killing four others and wounding two.

Devin and Cornway Police Chief Sean Sawyer said in a press conference that he shot himself before police, who arrived at the scene six minutes after being informed of the matter, were able to stop him.

"We do not support the terrorist hypothesis or a link to a group of the extreme right," he said.

And the police stated that one of the victims was a three-year-old girl, in addition to two women (51 and 66 years old) and two men (43 and 59 years old), pointing out that two people were injured and were taken to hospital, without their injuries being serious.

Such incidents are rare in the UK, where most police officers do not carry firearms. The country adopted a gun law that is among the most stringent in the world after the 1996 shooting in Dunblane in Scotland, which killed 16 schoolchildren in a matter of minutes.

The police official said the suspect in the Plymouth shooting had a gun license. His accounts on social media were viewed, especially after British media suggested that he suffers from psychological problems.

- Women and obesity -

On a YouTube account called "Professor Waffle", which was deleted in the morning, the young man can be seen complaining about the difficulties he faces in meeting women and losing weight, describing himself as "fat."

Also, he says in the last video he posted: "I have no intention of doing anything anymore," expressing his regret for being "in the same house, always in the same situation."

It was clear from this account that the firearms appealed to him.

Home Secretary Priti Patel spoke of "horrific" incidents, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson affirmed his solidarity with the families of the victims of this "tragic accident".

Patel said it was necessary to "lear out lessons" from the incident "especially if there were factors such as his online activity and the weapon itself".

She spoke of the "extreme importance" of the issue of "incitement to extremism on the Internet."

It is the deadliest shooting in the country since 2010.

The security forces and ambulances were deployed in large numbers after being informed of what happened at 11:18 (17:11 GMT) in a residential area in Plymouth, which has a population of about 262,000 and is located in a quiet area in Deven and includes the largest naval base in Western Europe.

Local media witnesses said they heard loud noises and gunshots before the police arrived.

Sharon, a witness who agreed to reveal her first name only to the BBC, said she heard screaming, followed by gunshots.

She added that "the gunman smashed the door of a house and started shooting... after that he left the house and continued shooting at people in the street."

A second witness, Robert Pinkerton, told British television that "when he turned around a corner in the street he saw a man with a rifle" dressed in all black.

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