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Rainbow-T1 UAV, developed by the China, is ready for Production.

🇨🇳 It is reported that the Rainbow-T1 UAV, developed by the China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics, is ready for serial production.

Specs :

⚡✈️The UAV is capable of:

❌flying at an altitude of 1 meter above the sea surface

❌Carrying 1 ton of weapons and explosives or reconnaissance equipment,

❌Cruising speed is Mach 0.65 (802 km / h)

❌ Flight duration is 1.5 hours

❌Its combat radius is from 300 up to 600 km

❌flight range up to 1200 km.

🔹 The first batch of Rainbow-T1 will enter service with PLA destroyers and frigates.

🔹 Purpose of the UAV:

▪️ destruction of large targets, maneuvering over the water surface;

▪️delivery of torpedo strikes at long distances in a short period of time;

▪️ blockade of sea areas.

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