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Russia Is Now The World's Most Sanctioned Country

Russia is the most sanctioned country in the world (7116), followed by Iran (3616), Syria (2608), North Korea (2077), Venezuela (651), Myanmar (510) and Cuba (208).

Majority of sanctions (4362) were imposed on Russia after February 22, when Moscow has officially recognized the Donbas republics.


The UK has imposed the most new sanctions on Russia (801), followed by Switzerland (774), the EU (705), France (696), Canada (526), Australia (479), the US (293), and Japan (88).

Out of those, 3915 are personal sanctions and 437 are against organizations.

In total, since 2014 (the Crimean referendum), the most sanctions against Russia were imposed by the UK (1037), followed by Switzerland (1030), Canada (980), EU countries (953), France (944), and Australia (699).

Source: Castellum.AI

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