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🇷🇺Russia: "Kalashnikov" finalized the Chuvakin sniper rifle

🇷🇺Russia: "Kalashnikov" finalized the Chuvakin sniper rifle

Chuvakin sniper rifle

Concern "Kalashnikov" has finalized the Chuvakin sniper rifle (SHCh), which is supposed to replace the Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD) in the Russian army, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Defense. This was told to reporters on February 22 at the press service of the Kalashnikov concern at the iDEX-2021 arms exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

The rifle was improved at the request of the customer. "At present, the microwave rifle, modified taking into account the wishes of the customer (development work" Reaper "), continues to undergo a cycle of state tests," the developers specified.

Microwave ovens were first presented at the Army military-technical forum in 2017. The rifle is designed for two cartridges - a powerful domestic rifle cartridge 7.62 by 54 millimeters with a rim and a NATO rifle cartridge 7.62 by 51 millimeters.

The rifle must ensure the destruction of single targets with the first shot at a distance of up to 1 kilometer.

As previously reported on this day, supplies to the army of the newest 9-mm PPK-20 submachine gun, which was developed by the Kalashnikov group of companies, should begin in 2021.

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