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Russian-UK Defense Ministers’ meeting KEY POINTS: NA

Russian-UK Defense Ministers’ meeting KEY POINTS: NATO 'intends to comply'?

British Def. Minister Ben Wallace was in Moscow to talk with Russian counterpart Sergey Shoigu - both have played down invasion hysteria and stressed dialogue in a "frank" discussion.

▪️Both agreed on importance of Minsk agreements

▪️Wallace signaled NATO intends to comply with all Russia's security agreements

▪️Wallace said conversation with Shoigu was frank, different to FM Lavrov's "conversation of the deaf with the mute" meeting with Liz Truss

▪️Wallace assured the supply of weapons to Ukraine is limited, that the missiles are exclusively short-range for protection

▪️Shoigu had suggested western countries contribute to de-escalating tensions - and stop “stuffing”Ukraine with weapons

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