Saudi Arabia is building new attack and reconnaissance drones

Saudi Arabia is building new attack and reconnaissance drones

The Airspace Guard drone produced by the Prince Sultan Center for Defense Research and Studies PSDSARC

The Air Force One has two versions: SG-02 and SG-03

A multi-role tactical drone designed to perform a multitude of missions.

- The aircraft is made of carbon fiber and is characterized

light weight - weighing 250 kg

payload of 50-60 kg.

A flight range of up to 200 km within the communications range and a range of more than 700 km via satellites.

It can fly at an altitude of 18,000-23,000 feet for ten hours straight.

- Performs reconnaissance, surveillance, tracking, targeting, passing coordinates, and laser lighting

Through day and night cameras and lasers.

- It performs combat missions and is capable of carrying laser-guided smart bombs, each bomb weighing 12 kg.

The laser pointing device is designed and produced entirely at the Prince Sultan Defense Studies and Research Center

The laser is transmitted by a ground or air guidanc system, by the aircraft itself or by another aircraft. The aircraft is equipped with high-resolution cameras for day and night photography, with a range of 40 km, and an airborne radar system for unmanned aircraft.

It can also be equipped with an electronic warfare system and a communications system, or jamming and impeding hostile communications and radars

official Statement

Signing a contract for the development of the Air Force One aircraft

Between the General Authority for Military Industries and the Saudi Military Industries Company

Which aims to build a pioneering technical innovation base regionally and internationally through the development, manufacture and localization of unmanned aircraft systems

One of the results of several research and development projects at the Prince Sultan Center for Defense Studies and Research.