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Serbia and Hungary are holding elections today

🇷🇸🇭🇺Serbia and Hungary are holding elections today:


🔻🇭🇺Hungarians are electing the country's parliament, deciding whether the ruling right-wing Fidesz party will maintain its dominance or give way to the opposition, headed by Peter Marki-Zay;

🔻Election will serve as a referendum on the government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has been in office since 2010, experts say;

🔻Hungary has a mixed electoral system, in which 106 lawmakers are chosen in first-past-the-post races in single-member constituencies, while 93 lawmakers will be elected in a nationwide vote for parties that pass the 5% threshold;

🔻43 parties and 664 candidates will vie for seats in the national legislature.

🔻🇷🇸Serbia is holding presidential, snap parliamentary elections and elections to municipal councils of a number of cities, including Belgrade;

🔻19 political alliances and coalitions have registered to take part in the vote to the 250-seat national legislature;

🔻Sitting President Aleksandar Vucic is running for reelection as the candidate of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party against a grouping of opposition parties called Alliance for Victory, led by Marinika Tepic;

🔻Opposition parties have claimed that the polling will be rigged in the governing party's favor;

🔻Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin has accused the opposition of preparing to challenge the results of the elections and seize power if they lose.

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