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Serbian 155-mm self-propelled gun NORA B-52 M21

Serbian 155-mm self-propelled gun NORA B-52 M21 of the Yugoimport-SDSR company taking part in the tender of the US Army.

Recall that the US ground forces announced plans to purchase mobile long-range howitzers on a wheeled chassis in 2018.

Since 2020, field trials are underway to assess self-propelled howitzers for compliance with future requirements.

It is also known that the Israeli self-propelled guns 155-mm self-propelled guns ATMOS 2000 Iron Saber from Elbit Systems of America, Swedish 155-mm self-propelled guns "Archer" from BAE Systems Bofors and French 155-mm self-propelled guns "Caesar" from Nexter will take part in the tests.

To pass the test in the USA, the NORA B-52 M21 ACS underwent a modernization of the chassis (the original KamAZ-63501 chassis was replaced by the German MAN chassis with an armored cab), and also received a fully automated loading mechanism, ensuring compatibility with the ammunition used by the US Army.

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