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The Checkmate SU-75 revealed full specs and information (photos/Video)

A large-scale presentation of a light tactical aircraft took place at MAKS-2021

On July 20, the United Aircraft Corporation of the State Corporation #Rostec held a large-scale presentation of the Checkmate fifth-generation light single-engine multi-role fighter of the fifth generation at the MAKS-2021 site. The aircraft presented to journalists, created by the Sukhoi Company in the shortest possible time, incorporated proven technical solutions and innovative developments. This will provide outstanding flight performance, high combat effectiveness and moderate cost. The new product is expected to have great success in foreign markets.

The first flight of the aircraft should take place in 2023, deliveries should begin in 2026-2027. The cost of the aircraft is projected in the range of $ 25 to $ 30 million.

This fighter is an initiative development from the Sukhoi Design Bureau. At the same time, it is planned that it will become "modular", that is, the complete set will be determined by the customer. At the same time, the OKB is ready to discuss deliveries both with foreign customers and with their native MO. Brief characteristics were also presented:

- payload in the region of 7 tons.

-combat radius of 1500 km.

- takeoff / run length 400 m.

-arming various missiles and corrected ammunition.

The Checkmate is equipped with an engine with a deflected thrust vector, is capable of operating at supersonic speeds for a long time, and has a shortened takeoff and landing.

Key points of the new Russian jet "Checkmate"

- high altitude all weather basing

- modularity/cost reduction/logistics/post sale support


- simplified maintenance/operations

- modest AI support

- good aerodynamics/kinematics

- further emphasis on short runway use etc

- long term supersonic flight (supercruise is not mentioned specifically)

- good transportation capability (range/endurance)

- 1,8M max, 2000km+ range without tanks 7400kg payload

- (V)LO, all round passive sensor set

- multirole (ie PAK-FA weapon set)

- AESA with 6 target capability under ECM

- AI support for combat missions

- up to 5 AAMs in VLO config (2 SRAAMs in quick and 3 MRAAMs in main?)

- ECM, counter-VLO capability

- in bay cannon containers

- large bays with varied payloads, bombs and missiles

- low fligth hour cost and large payload - good value for price

- unmanned variant

- working in a manned/unmanned network centric force

The possible name of Checkmate in the domestic market is Su-75, said the deputy chief designer of the aircraft.

- FULL Artificial intelligence systems


- can carry basically all types of missiles

- Machine learning

- very light weight


- 1.8 MACH

- Fully automated controls with AI assistant


Checkmate is capable of attacking up to 6 targets simultaneously with the use of radar with AFAR with a whole complex of modern weapons with a strong electronic countermeasures of the enemy in a minimum configuration (custom design modality).

Photo Gallery :

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