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The Egyptian Chief of Staff arrives in Khartoum, A sign of possible military intervention?

The Egyptian Chief of Staff arrives in Khartoum

The Sudanese army announced that the Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Mohamed Farid, suddenly visited Khartoum yesterday, Wednesday, on his way back from Congo.

Upon his arrival at Khartoum Air Base, the Egyptian military official was received by his Sudanese counterpart, Al-Hussein, Chief of Staff, according to a statement from the Sudanese army seen by Anatolia.

The statement said that "the two parties will hold joint discussions before Lieutenant General Mohamed Farid continues his journey back to Cairo."

He stated that the two sides will hold joint talks before the Egyptian Chief of Staff continues his trip to Egypt (without further details).

It is noteworthy that the movements of the Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces are different from the President of the Republic or the Minister of Defense, as his position is not political, and this is of course well known.

These Egyptian moves come after the failure of negotiations on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which plans to start the second filling process soon, despite the lack of any agreement with Sudan and Egypt. This is something that Sudan and Egypt strongly reject, as the two countries affirmed their readiness to protect their waters in any way.

Egypt and Sudan also witnessed, for the first time, the implementation of several military exercises recently, which indicates the development of Egyptian-Sudanese relations, especially in the field of military cooperation, to test the readiness of their armies for any emergency, and the interoperability between the two powers, especially at the level of the two countries’ air forces, which will have a major role in the event of an emergency. If the decision is taken to intervene militarily against Ethiopia to destroy the dam, which threatens Egyptian and Sudanese national security.


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