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The German team defeated Portugal 4-2

The German national team defeated its defending Portuguese counterpart 4-2, in an attacking match par excellence, and ignited the competition in the "group of death", in the second round of the sixth group of the European Cup.

At the "Allianz Arena" in Munich and in front of 14,000 spectators, Germany took advantage of friendly fire to respond to the first goal of Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo (15), Robin Diach and Rafael Guerrero scored two goals within 4 minutes by mistake in their team's goal (35 and 39), Before adding Kai Haverts and Robin Gouzness III and IV for the "Manchaft" in the 51st and 60th minutes. Diogo Jota reduced the score to the defending champion in the 67th minute.

Germany returned from afar after losing the opening match against France 1-0, with a goal scored by defender Mats Hummels, to occupy second place with three points, ahead of Portugal, who won their first match against Hungary by three clean points.

The "Rooster" team topped the group after its 1-1 draw with Hungary earlier, as it will face Portugal at the end of the group stage, while Germany will play Hungary with the weakest on paper.

And "Mannschaft" armed with numbers that are in its favour before this meeting, as it won its last four confrontations against "Celesau Europe" in various competitions, noting that the last meeting between the two parties on June 16, 2014 in the group stage of the World Cup in Brazil ended with Germany winning by four clean, including Trilogy by Thomas Muller.

On the other hand, Portugal's recent victory over "Mannschaft" is due to the European Cup 2000 and a clean three-0 scored by Sergio Conceau in Rotterdam, which contributed to the German team's exit from the group stage.

Germany raised the number of victories over Portugal to 11 in 19 matches between them, compared to 3 victories for Ronaldo's companions.

Quickly, Germany cautioned its opponent after opening the scoring 6 minutes after the start of the whistle, thanks to the Italian Atalatna player Gozens, who followed a cross movement from Joshua Kimmich, but the referee used the video assistant referee "VAR" to confirm an offside case on Serge Gnabry, participant in the tournament. onslaught.

Portugal surprised the hosts after a counter-attack started by Bernardo Silva after a missed corner kick for Germany, and from him to Jota, who penetrated the area and passed the moment goalkeeper Manuel Neuer left for Ronaldo alone, to hit the net (15).

"CR7" hit more than one bird with one stone, scoring his third goal in "Euro 2020", equal to the top scorer with Czech Patrick Shek, his twelfth in the finals, his first in the German net and the 107th in his international career, becoming two goals away from the number The record for the former Iranian international Ali Daei (109).

The German pressure resulted in the equalizing goal, after a game started by Muller on the right side and a long ball to Gozens on the opposite side, followed by a shot inside the area that Diach mistakenly turned into his own net under the pressure of Haveritz (35).

Portugal fell victim to the German players' movements and the successful role of the wings. "Mannschaft" scored a second goal thanks to friendly fire after a pass from Gouznes from the left hallway into the area that caused confusion and Kimmich followed it in front of the goal, around which Guerrero mistakenly netted (38). While the referee removed the suspicion that there was a case of infiltration by returning to the "VAR".

The Portuguese coach made a change at the beginning of the second half to revitalize the midfield, inserting Renato Sanches instead of Silva, but the German team dealt a fatal blow to the hopes of his opponent after a joint game in which the ball reached Gozens and crossed it, followed by Haverts rushing from behind into the net (51).

Gouznes rewarded his efforts with his fourth score after he followed up with a cross pass from Kimmich (60) in front of a complete collapse of the Portuguese defense, before the goal holder came out to the applause of the German fans, to be replaced by Marcel Halstenberg, while Emre Can entered instead of Ilkay Gundogan.

The Portuguese players took advantage of the lack of concentration in the German defense to reduce the difference after a free kick from Guerrero, followed by Ronaldo, who was stalking at the post into the area, turning Jota into the net (67).

The two teams exchanged attacks, and scored the most dangerous opportunity with a shot by Renato Sanches that hit the crossbar (79), to end the meeting on the impact of the first victory of the German team in "Euro 2020".

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