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The latest news from regarding the theoretically-practically-probable Russian invasion

The latest news from Western countries regarding the theoretically-practically-probable Russian invasion of Ukraine in the future:

- The British Foreign Office recommends its citizens to refrain from traveling to Ukraine.

- Also, Britain begins the evacuation of its employees from the embassy in Kiev.

- Representatives of the American administration say that the beginning of the invasion may begin next week.

- The United States expects a "bloody" campaign, which will begin with air strikes on the facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, electronic warfare will be conducted, after which a ground operation will begin.

— CNN reports that the US intends to withdraw its representatives from the OSCE in Ukraine.

- This is CNN reports that the Americans are studying issues related to the further reduction of the diplomatic corps in Ukraine.

— Jake Sullivan, adviser to President Biden, said the Russian offensive could begin before the end of the Olympics in China. At the same time, Sullivan recommends that US citizens leave Ukraine as soon as possible.

- The head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, does not rule out that the republic will be forced to turn to Russia for help.

- White House - Russia has not yet made a final decision on the invasion of Ukraine.

- US troops will not fight against Russia for Ukraine, they will only support NATO allies.

- Sullivan - the way Putin builds an army along Ukraine shows that Russia can decide on a military solution to the issue.

- Jake Sullivan also states that the Russian operation may include the capture of several cities in Ukraine, including Kiev.

- Another 3,000 US Army personnel are leaving for Poland in the coming days.

- North Macedonia, Estonia and Montenegro are calling on their citizens to leave Ukraine.

At the same time, we note that all these statements look only as a continuation of the build-up of hysteria around the situation, and not 100% confirmation of Russia's plans for a hypothetical invasion of Ukraine. Only time will tell everything, and specifically the coming weeks.

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