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The Lebanese New Govern

After a long wait, the forthcoming government headed by Najib Mikati and consisting of 24 ministers was formed. It was announced from the Baabda Palace after a meeting that brought together Presidents Mikati, Nabih Berri and Michel Aoun.

The government lineup was as follows:

Prime Minister: Muhammad Najib Azmi Mikati

Deputy Prime Minister: Saadeh Al-Shami

Minister of Interior: Bassam Mawlawi

Minister of Health: Firas Al-Abyad

Environment Minister: Nasser Yassin

Economy Minister: Amin Salam

Finance Minister: Youssef Khalil

Minister of Works: Ali Hamiya

Minister of Agriculture: Abbas Hajj Hassan

Minister of Culture: Mohamed Mortada

Minister of Labor: Mustafa Bayram

Minister of Education: Abbas Halabi

Minister of the Displaced: Issam Sharaf El-Din

Foreign Minister: Abdullah Abu Habib

Minister of Communications: Johnny Corm

Tourism Minister: Walid Nassar

Minister of Information: George Kordahi

Minister of Justice: Henri Khoury

Minister of Energy: Walid Fayyad

Defense Minister: Brigadier General Maurice Selim

Minister of Social Affairs: Hector Hajjar

Minister of Youth and Sports: George Kallas

Minister of Administrative Development: Najla Riachi

Minister of Industry: George Dabakian

Aoun signed the decree of the resignation of the government of President Hassan Diab, and the decree to form the Mikati government, in the presence of Berri at the Baabda Palace.

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