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The near-fall of Kremlin

Russian regime, having exhaled from yesterday's horror, will now pretend that everything is going according to plan and not much has happened. There is not much it can do about it because the conclusions, of course, are extremely disappointing

for the regime.

Yesterday we saw almost an agony, but it went through a stage of brief clinical death, after which the dying regime did wake up and returned to its former "vegetable" existence.

It seems Prigozhin was quite lucky he did not make it to Moscow on time because he would have captured it for sure. All those pompous roadblocks and checkpoints, hastily built on his way, turned out to be a problem only for civilians who got stuck on the roads; not only did they not stop the Wagner convoys, but Wagner did not even notice them.

In general, if Prigozhin had reached Moscow, he would have taken it, after which the situation would have been completely different - what do and why he needs it at all. At the same time, not the entire Wagner PMC went to Moscow, but about 4-5 thousand people. The Russian army, which a year ago was second best in the world, quickly became the second best army in Ukraine, and now it has also won an honorable second place in the Russian Federation, forfeiting the first place in points to the Wagner Group.

I am surprised that Prigozhin was not awarded a second Hero's Star by Putin's decree yesterday - that would have been the logical conclusion of all the events. No one has ever managed to go from patriot to terrorist and back to patriot so quickly in one day.

In general, the agony of the regime goes quite in line with the plot, there are no particular deviations. The regime is incapable of anything, not even facing terror. As soon as it faces real terrorists skilled in violence, it immediately falls apart and scatters. It only has the capacity and ability to deal with the unarmed and defenseless.

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