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The Rise of a Dictator

The Rise of a Dictator,

The General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces demanded Pashinyan's resignation, (Full Statement)this is how Yerevans day has started. The Armenian forces demanding the resignation of the PM, in an official statement, after that Pashinyan accused the armed forces of conducting a military coup in Armenia.

The accusation of a military coup is not easy for both the military and political sides, as no one agrees on that coup, specially that Armenia is one of the few counties in that region that has democratic elections. After Pashinyan announces military coup attempt he called his supporters to protects"I call on all our supporters to come to the Republic Square. " Pashinyan said. Pashinyan dismissed the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia Onik Gasparyan. The opposition was unable to take advantage of the situation, but rather than demanding elections, the opposition backed the army generals “coup”. Following the information gathered there was no military presence in Yerevan or in any other districts. No heavy armed vehicles and no boots on the ground, we have to as where is the “coup” where is the army.

This is not a “coup” the opposition and the army has fallen in a political trap. The opposition backed the army generals without a plan or even information on what’s going on. Pashinyan took a stand and marched in Yerevan against what he called is a military coup against his government. He marched with a few police officers to the republic square in Yerevan. If a coup attempt was on the way the PM would not have been able to leave his offices or head quarters.

After PM Pashinyan marched to the square he made a speech the following are some keynotes of what was said:

As the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, I order the officers of the Armed Forces.

Do you do your job?

By observing the borders of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia

The announcement by the General Staff is an attempt at a military coup The people will not allow a military coup.Our army is our army. Beloved, adored by us

I am convinced that many generals forcibly signed that statement to their superior generals.

I demand that even the high-ranking officers who have left their places of service return maintain the security of the country.

In 2019 alone, we increased the defense budget by 50 billion drams.

The power of the people in Armenia can not be questioned for a minute.

The people know who got rich at the expense of the army.

The one who steals a soldier's bread, comes to the soldier who gives bread, accuses him of treason

We believed in our army, we relied on our army. I Will not allow the officers, soldiers, soldiers' parents to involve the army in the internal political processMy idea of ​​resolving the situation.The people are tired of internal political instability

I want to tell you honestly.

I did not think I should resign after the war.

I have thought, I have thought a lot.

I became the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia by my own will, not voluntarily, so the people must decide the issue of my removal."

Let the people demand my resignation, let me go to my business, let the people shoot me in the square.

My biggest mistake was that .... yes you are right (calls for a trial of the former authorities from the square).

How did you manage to hit us from behind?

Pashinyan finished the march and made a number of statements

The President must sign a decree on the dismissal of the head of the General Staff or he himself must write a letter of resignation

The people did not give me permission to call an early election

We are completing the actions, the opposition forces are also completing the actions, and we are holding consultations (on the elections)

I am going to the government, where several meetings will be held

No military coup was underway, a military coup is when the army uses it weapons and soldiers to take control of a government.

We did not witness any military activity but a message asking the resignation of the prime minister. If that message was written with the knowledge of Pashinyan to be used to change the army generals we can never know.

Changing the current Military generals to generals close to the prime minister will give him the ultimate power over military and security.

This seems as a rise of a new dictator in Armenia, the people should unite and find a new opposition leader that has no past in fraud and was not into power in the Armenian history.

In conclusion I believe that the only solution for Armenia is a woman political figure. A woman that has the power and smartness to bring the diaspora and internal Armenian people together as one entity and will work as one. A woman leader will be able to find solutions that no man can. You as why what’s the difference, Armenia needs a mother that can join all its sons under her power, only unity can save Armenia and with unity you will gain the power over the past, present and future . Millions of Armenians have lost their lives for the mother land and its time for a mother to take control over the situation. The silent majority is the most powerful find that woman and guide her to lead you to a new Armenia.

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