🇦🇲The truth of the political advantages of the Artsakh war 2020

🇦🇲The truth of the political advantages of the Artsakh war 2020

The Pre-USSR regimes where falling, the same way the Armenian regime fell and the revolution brought a Pro-Western Prime minister. Nikol was against Russia and always called them by who they are (invaders). When the Belarus protests started also in Azerbaijan calls against Aliyev started . Russia knew that change is coming and if revolution sparks in the Pre-USSR countries Putin will lose all his allies. The only way to stop a revolution is to show everyone who is the real savior and this is why the war started. Nikol bowed to Putin, Putin saved Aliyev and Belarus president. If Russians wanted this war not to start they could have ended it in 2 minutes. The alliance between Russia and Turkey is fierce and to the bones. One starts a conflict(Turkey) and Putin comes as the Guardian angel to protect the people. This is the game! And Donald Trump (Previously president) as an Allie to Putin allowed him to play. Trump was an Allie to Erdogan and Putin, this is why the war was made before the USA elections in one month and stoped the day Biden won. This was never an Azeri/Armenian war. It was always Russia/Turkey/Azerbaijan war against the Armenian people.

The Minister of High-tech Industry of Armenia

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