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🇺🇦Ukraine announced the adoption of the Alligator rifle

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced the adoption of the Alligator rifle

❌The Alligator is a high-caliber anti-material rifle with multiple charges.

According to the results of state tests held at the end of last year, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine decided to adopt the Alligator large-caliber rifle into service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The manufacturer XADO-holding LLC notes that all the details of the new weapon are made in Ukraine. The Ukrainian military portal reports.

From the available information it is known that the "Alligator" is a multi-charge large-caliber anti-material (intended for use against enemy military equipment) rifle. The caliber of the new weapon is 14.5x114. Magazine capacity - 5 rounds. The speed of the bullet is 980 m / s with a range of up to 7000 m. The weight of the rifle without a magazine is 22.5 kg. The developers claim that the bullet fired from the Alligator is capable of penetrating a 10 mm armored plate.

According to the manufacturer's representatives, the Alligator anti-material rifle can be effectively used to destroy (or cause critical damage) to conventional and lightly armored military equipment, radar equipment, guided missiles on launchers, containers with fuels and lubricants and other objects.

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