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Ukraine is ready for an escalation and a new round of hostilities in Donbass

Ukraine is ready for an escalation and a new round of hostilities in Donbass, said the commander of the Joint Forces - Lieutenant General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Pavlyuk.

“We are ready for escalation, ready for a new round of hostilities. In addition to the stabilization operation, we have a defensive operation ready, if possible we will conduct a counter-offensive operation,” Pavlyuk said in an interview posted on the Ukrainian Center for Security and Cooperation's YouTube page on Tuesday.

"I do not consider the representatives of ORDLO (LPNR) to be an independent unit that has its own opinion. These are ordinary puppets (...). This is all one goal - to minimize the potential of Ukraine and force them to sit down at the negotiating table on Russia's terms," ​​he said.

The journalist also asked Pavlyuk what major changes must take place in the army so that Ukraine can become a NATO member.

"Only NATO's desire to accept Ukraine. In general, how much I study the experience of other countries that are already NATO members, we are in no way inferior, and in many issues - a cut above. Our headquarters can already work in one direction, we have created structures, which vertically correspond to the structures of NATO, "Pavlyuk replied.

According to him, there is nothing threatening to "accept Ukraine at any moment."

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