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Ukraine to Receive First Batch of Abrams Tanks in Boost to Counteroffensive Against Russia

In a significant boost to its ongoing counteroffensive against Russia, Ukraine is expected to receive the first shipment of 31 promised Abrams tanks by mid-September, according to anonymous Defense Department officials. Currently in Germany for final refurbishments, the tanks will be shipped to Ukraine upon completion.

The shipment comes at a crucial juncture, as U.S. and Ukrainian officials revealed that Ukraine had penetrated Russia’s main defensive line in the country’s southeast for the first time. This development has kindled hopes that Ukraine may soon be able to reclaim significant territory from Russian control. Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley recently discussed the evolving situation with his Ukrainian counterpart, Gen. Valerii Zaluzhnyi.

While officials acknowledge this progress as a “tangible success,” they also caution against interpreting it as a major breakthrough. Russian forces remain deeply entrenched along a 600-mile front line, presenting formidable obstacles for Ukraine’s military, including fields rife with mines and hand-dug foxholes.


The Abrams tanks are considered vital assets in bolstering Ukraine’s military strength. “Tanks are very important, both to the defense and the offense,” Milley said in June, stressing the importance of modern tanks and accompanying training for Ukraine’s military success.

However, officials caution that while the Abrams is a formidable piece of military hardware, it’s not a panacea. “It’s not a silver bullet. Ultimately, it’s Ukraine’s determination to break through that matters most,” said a third Defense Department official.

The Abrams tanks are part of a larger commitment by Western allies to support Ukraine, with roughly 300 tanks pledged, including Leopard 2 tanks from Spain and Germany, Challenger tanks from the UK, and light Leclerc tanks from France.

The U.S. is committed to expedite the delivery of all 31 tanks by the fall, although a specific timeline has not been provided. The situation remains fluid, and the international community is closely watching how these developments will influence the balance of power in the ongoing conflict.

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