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🇺🇦Zbroyar Z-10 20 "rifle based on AR-10 platform with 308Win Direct -Ukraine

🇺🇦Zbroyar Z-10 20 "rifle based on AR-10 platform with 308Win Direct -Ukraine


Zbroyar Z-10 20 "rifle based on AR-10 platform with 308Win Direct Impingement (DI) exhaust system. Compatible in thread and landing dimensions with foreign analogues *. All components - standard weight (shutter group, buffer) and standard strength for work with ammunition group 308Win.


• barrel length - 20 ", contour type" match ", free-float barrel;

• barrel material - stainless steel;

• thread pitch - 1:11 ". The thread pitch can be changed depending on the party (please specify).

• accuracy of firing, provided the use of quality ammunition up to 1 MOA;

• thread under the muzzle - 5 / 8-24 TPI.

• landing size of gas. of the block - 0,936 "(23,8 mm). The gas block - low-profile, adjustable, on coupling screws (not on pins).

Receivers of the "billet" category are made by milling from a plate of a high-strength aluminum alloy 7075-T6. After processing, on CNC machines, the parts are machined by "stonewashing", subjected to solid anodizing; Cerakote coating is applied. Available in colors: "Sand", "Black".

Stream 370 mm long with Picatinny top; the possibility of installation of lateral and lower additional laths is provided.

It is completed with a butt of Luth-Ar MBA and the pistol handle "M4", shop "Magpul", the low-profile handle of a platoon, the two-stage shock-trigger mechanism "Zbroyar", the protective plug of a trunk carving, two additional strips picatinno, or two-chamber DHA (optional).

* Warranty period is 2 years from the date of sale or 7,000 shots.

The product warranty applies only to the use of high-quality factory hunting ammunition.

Given the complete set of the product with a stainless steel barrel, the use of cartridges with a bimetallic ball can significantly reduce the life of the barrel. In this case, the critical wear of the barrel can not be regarded as a warranty case.


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