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A Strategic Capture: Analysis of Ukrainian Special Forces' Operation against Russian Commander

Updated: Aug 13


In a covert and intricately planned operation, the Ukrainian special forces succeeded in capturing a prominent Russian military commander, Major Tomov, on the morning of August 8. The operation was carried out on the left bank of the Dnipro and involved a series of strategically executed maneuvers. This report provides an exhaustive analysis of the operation.


The central goal was to kidnap Major Tomov of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, a crucial figure responsible for the border area. The operation's success could yield vital intelligence and symbolize Ukrainian resilience and strategic competence.

Methodology and Execution:

1. Artillery Strikes as Diversion: To distract and disorient Russian forces, Ukrainian special forces initiated artillery strikes, paving the way for a concealed approach.

2. Waterborne Infiltration: Stealthily landing in boats, the special forces managed to seize a strategic Russian position.

3. Imitation of Russian Distress Call: Through clever mimicry of a distress call using walkie-talkie or mobile phone of a fallen Russian soldier, the forces lured Major Tomov and his accompanying soldiers into their trap.

4. Ambush and Capture: Tomov's armored personnel carrier was ambushed as it arrived at the scene, resulting in casualties among his men and the successful capture of Major Tomov himself.

Outcome and Analysis:

- Success in Capture: The operation achieved its primary goal by apprehending Major Tomov.

- Tactical Brilliance: A blend of conventional and unconventional tactics led to the successful execution of a complex operation.

- Potential Intelligence Gain: The capture of a key Russian officer could provide significant intelligence insights.


The August 8 operation against Russian Major Tomov underscores the Ukrainian special forces' strategic thinking and execution prowess. Through a blend of tactical maneuvers, they accomplished a mission with profound implications.


Continued analysis of such successful missions can contribute to the development of future strategies and further refine the skills and approaches of Ukrainian forces.

Source: BILD

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